Awards and Residencies


  • Boghossian Award

    • The Boghossian Foundation in partnership with Fondation Liban Cinema is pleased to launch for the 6th year in a row, the “Coup de Coeur Award” for the distribution of a Lebanese film in Lebanon and/or abroad.
      The prize will be $ 10,000 and will be accompanied by an artist residency at Villa Empain-Brussels so that the artist / filmmaker can develop their next film project.


  • Villa Empain Residency

    • Offered in partnership with Fondation Boghossian, The Villa Empain residence offers a setting for emerging and experienced filmmakers working on fiction or documentary projects. Residents focus on developing treatments or screenplays, benefiting from a month-long residency in the vibrant city of Brussels, Belgium. This opportunity is ideal for directors and screenwriters who are working on their next film.
  • Cité des Arts residency

    • The Cité des Arts is located in the heart of Paris. This two-month residency allows directors and screenwriters to focus on developing their treatments or screenplays in an environment rich in artistic and cultural inspiration. Open to all levels of experience. In partnership with Cité des Arts Paris, residents enjoy comfortable accommodation as well as a per diem for their stay.


  • BerlinAir Residency

    • The BerlinAir residence is an exclusive opportunity for professional filmmakers working on fiction projects in the development phase. Based in Berlin, this three-month residency offers an environment conducive to creativity, with a particular focus on projects led by directors or producers with established experience, including a film over 30 minutes in length. In partnership with Medienboard and BerlinBrandenburg, this residency offers a comprehensive package including accommodation and a per diem, allowing residents to fully concentrate on developing their projects in the dynamic German capital.

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