Fondation Liban Cinema

is a non-profit private association created in 2003 whose objective is to support the development of the cinema industry in Lebanon, through the support of creation, production and promotion of films, on the local and international level.


 FLC is a non-governmental organization that plays a powerful effective federating role in the Lebanese audiovisual industry, by supporting the development of a competitive Lebanese film industry and establishing Lebanon as a prominent international production location


We Support the development of the film industry in Lebanon by:

- Organizing annual workshops for filmmakers and specialized seminars
– Stimulating the development of Lebanese funds to support and finance local films.
We Facilitate local film production by:

– Launching a database of the Lebanese audiovisual professionals in Lebanon and abroad.
– Assembling and disseminating the right information and assisting in the administrative procedures with the appropriate public bodies.
We Promote Lebanon as a key destination for international film production by:

– Hosting, organizing and participating in regional and international festivals and events.
– Crafting and creating bridges between local and international professionals. – Participating in the public debates that contribute to the policy making process offering financial incentives for film makers.
We Preserve the Lebanese audiovisual heritage by:

– Restoring and digitalizing old feature films and the archives of old public productions.
– Making such archives available for research and film making

Our main activities

Our main activities in the past 10 years have been the organization of yearly script writing or script rewriting workshops, putting together an official co-production agreement between Lebanon and France, supporting presence at co-production platforms residencies and festivals, intensive formation program for film producers, putting together the very first Lebanese Film Fund, representing Lebanese cinema at Cannes Film Festival and more.